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Tower of Fantasy: How to Clear Thornvines Chests

The thornvines chests contain some amazing items.




The world in Tower of Fantasy is massive; you cannot completely explore the first area, let alone all of the maps in one day. To progress your exploration, you need to open up chests, conquer camps, and interact with some of the plants and other NPCs that will give a black nucleus (and sometimes a gold nucleus!).

One of these chests is the so-called thornvines chests. We are going to show you how to clear them out.

Clearing Thornvines Chests in Tower of Fantasy

You can interact with various elements in Tower of Fantasy. Some of them have mini-games that reward you with items after completing them. The objectives vary. For example, some plants require you to throw a specific element corresponding to the plant’s color.

Chests can be found anywhere on the map, inside camps and sometimes they are locked by stone walls or thornvines. Read on to learn how to clear them.

Obtaining the Chests

Elements in Tower of Fantasy works the same way in real life. With that said, the thornvines chests can only be opened with the use of the fire element.

Using weapons without the fire element does not work. You just have to hit the thornvines with your weapon or throw the organism that can lift at the chest to burn the vines.

Some chests in the game are time-gated. You can first clear the thornvines on them, but you will have to wait until you can open them.

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