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Tower of Fantasy: How to Enter Listen to Earwyn Island

Go to this island to complete the quest.




The quest where you are going to receive 2 Red Nucleus at the end requires you to visit islands in the Tower of Fantasy. You need to complete some tasks in order to visit them. One of these islands is Listen to Earwyn, and we are going to show you how you can get inside the island.

How to Enter Listen to Earwyn Island in Tower of Fantasy

Before going to Listen to Earwyn, you need the following requirements:

  • unlock Artificial Island
  • collect 3 Rapid Repairing devices
  • reach Gemini Island

If you haven’t yet, then getting to Gemini Island must be your first priority before even thinking about the Listen to Earwyn island.

Entering Listen to Earwyn Island

Once you have reached South Gemini Island, go on top of the mountain that has big thorny vines. Get inside the crate and find the Permission Card: Tyrone mission item. From there, go back to North Gemini Island through the blue teleporter. Proceed to the highest area.

Upon reaching the teleporter at the top, use the Permission Card: Tyrone to unlock it. This is going to teleport you to Sea Horizon Stand. When you spawn in the Sea Horizon Stand, interact with the data.

Go on top of Sea Horizon Stand, where you’ll see a silver platform, and at the center is the Permission Card: Morris mission item. Teleport to the Spacerift in Estuary and proceed to the east of Island of Pins where you are going to find a teleporter that can bring you to Listen to Earwyn Island using the Permission Card: Morris.

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