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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Aidan Knight Mount

Indeed, as the old saying goes, a good catch comes with a great price.




It is a little known fact, for those who are into gaming that is, Tower of Fantasy is an RPG game that requires you to explore, more or less, the entire in-game world. Whether you want to complete quests or just want to play leisurely, you would, undoubtedly, want to embark on a journey throughout the Tower of Fantasy because of its enticing combination of whimsical and futuristic ambiance.

But, who would want to keep switching from walking and running just to have a journey around the world? Considering that, Tower of Fantasy includes in its features an option for having your avatar a vehicle. In that case, you do not need to worry about having to tire out your avatar’s soles. Plus, it contributes a significant increase in mobility.

Among the vehicles that could be obtained in Tower of Fantasy is a quite shabby-looking, floating mount is called the Aidan Knight. Out of all the vehicles which the game offers, Aidan Knight stands out among the preceding futuristic-looking vehicles inside the game since it greatly resembles a normal scooter, just without its wheels.

The question is, how to get your hands on this familiar-looking vehicle, Aidan Knight?

How to Get Aidan Knight in Tower of Fantasy

Aidan Knight, with its appearance, is a good getup if you want to play fetch quests especially with its adequate space-storage. Its speed is not to be a worry since it exhibits the same speed as every kind of mount vehicle in the game.

To get the Aidan Knight, all you need to do is purchase and complete the Phase Two of Tower of Fantasy battle pass which is available until November 02, 2022. Aside from its design, what sets Aidan Knight from other vehicles is how it could be obtained since some could be acquired as rewards from missions, while some could be forged.

Seeing how limited the time you have to get the Aidan Knight, you should definitely not miss this chance on purchasing the new battle pass!

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