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Tower of Fantasy: Is the Battle Pass Worth It?

We will show you whether the rewards of the Battle Pass are worthy or not.




What is a Battle Pass? A Battle Pass is a tiered system that will reward the player with in-game items and provides additional content. Is it beneficial to your account? We will help you discover if the Battle Pass, especially in Tower of Fantasy, is worth your money.

Is the Battle Pass worth it in Tower of Fantasy?

There are 2 types of Battle Pass: the standard or free battle pass and the premium pass. Tower of Fantasy also apply the same system: Pass for the free battle pass and Classic pass for the premium version. It will reward you with in-game items and materials.

Inside the Battle Pass

In the Classic Pass, you can get EXP Materials to upgrade weapons, Equipment Upgrades, Ascension Materials, Black currency, SSR Pieces, and Summons or draws in the weapon store.

SSR Pieces are chests that will allow you to choose any SSR relics.You will also get packages with gemstones needed to level up your weapons.

The Classic Pass also includes SR chests, the same with SSR Pieces but with the SR rarity. Other perks include a drop rate booster item usable for Joint Operation chests, DPs for upgrading your Matrixes, and Crystals for your Gears.  Additionally, the Battle Pass rewards you with Machine Parts for upgrading vehicles.

Is the battle pass worth it? Yes, buying the Battle pass will make your journey in Tower of Fantasy easier and help you solidify your roots in the game.

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