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Tower of Fantasy: How to Solve Friendly Little Critter Puzzle

Solve this puzzle to obtain a black nucleus




Vera, a new location, was recently released as part of the Tower of Fantasy update 2.0. You must finish the epilogue and the first six chapters of the main story quest to access it.

Then visit Hykros HQ and speak with Dr. Claire there.

You can enter Vera via the portal after speaking with her. Vera contains a puzzle about a cute tiny creature, and we’ll show you how to solve it.

How to Solve Friendly Little Critter Puzzle in Tower of Fantasy

Credits: Game Guides Channel

Vera, a brand-new location in Tower of Fantasy, will have numerous new foes, world bosses, and gameplay elements. It takes place in the desert. The newly introduced item can receive a combat engine from 2 new world bosses. A new world exploration progress along with the new region.

In other words, new methods exist to get more gold and black nuclei. There are also new puzzles, such as the new cute small creature.

Solving the Friendly Little Critter Puzzle

Credits: Game Guides Channel

Solving it will give you either a gold nucleus or a black nucleus, just like the puzzles in Aesperia. Vera now has additional puzzles.

After you have finished the Friendly Little Critter puzzle, you will receive a black nucleus. You merely need to locate them, approach them, and make a gesture.

The chat symbol is located on the bottom left of your screen. Approach it and click or tap it. To make a gesture, choose the icon with two individuals together.

The helpful little creature will dig up a black nucleus as payment.

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