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Tower of Fantasy: Beginner’s Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Learn about the new and upcoming game Tower of Fantasy.




Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG likened to games such as Genshin Impact, developed by Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite. It will officially launch on August 10. Learn more about Tower of Fantasy and what it will provide to the gaming community here.

Everything You Need to Know in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is set on a post-apocalyptic, anime-style planet called Aida. The story is during a time when humanity is forced to abandon Earth and set to find a new world that humankind can live in, where they found Aida.

What You Need to Know In Tower of Fantasy

At the beginning of the game, you start on a small island called Astra to begin the tutorial. The tutorial will walk you through battle mechanics, how to do missions, and allow you to fight enemies. It will also let you get treasures by clearing ruins and defeating mini-bosses.

Map of Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world game and has much to offer. Here, you will find chests where you can find and get loot from in the world of Tower of Fantasy.

  1. First is Camps, where you will find a cluster of enemies and a potential appearance of a mini-boss
  1. The second is the icons for World Bosses.
  1. Next is the Ruins.
  1. And then the Spacerifts, which are the equivalent of teleport waypoints in the game.
  1. Lastly is the Training Facility. Completing a training facility will grant training points used in the shop.

Mode of Transportation in Tower of Fantasy

As mentioned above, Tower of Fantasy has teleport waypoints called Spacerift, allowing you to travel instantly in the game. Still, it is not the only mode of transportation in the game.

Instead, you can summon a motorcycle to give you additional movement speed or a jetpack that will let you glide and also boost your jumping abilities.

What to do in Tower of Fantasy

Even though Tower of Fantasy is relatively new, you can still do some things while it is still in its early stages. One of them is doing your Adventure Log. An Adventure Log is like a student handbook, allowing players to claim daily rewards and also has missions for solo and multiplayer players.

The Adventure Loghelps you find resources and teaches you where to hunt enemies that will drop these resources. It will also advise you to do daily bounties or bounty missions that will give you a ton of XP, gold, and keys to open locked chests and upgrade materials.

Completing Ruins will grant you several rewards. You can also play online with other players by joining a Joint Operation where you will do a challenging mission with 3 others in a party.

Doing a Joint Operation consumes Vitality. Vitality is the equivalent of stamina in Tower of Fantasy. You get 180 Vitality each day.

Combat Mechanics

Tower of Fantasy has unique combat mechanics. It has the same gimmick as fighting games, where you will combine heavy and light attacks with combos.

Here, you can carry 3 different types of weapons, each with its own unique Weapon Skill.An example is the Pummeler, which infuses its attack with extra frost damage.

Weapons will accumulate energy while in combat. Once the energies are full, switch weapon to unleash a Discharge attack that will deal much damage.

To restore HP in Tower of Fantasy, you need to cook food, which will regain health and satiety. Satiety is a meter that will allow your character to heal outside of combat. Some foods will only restore satiety, while some increases both health and satiety.

Progressing in Tower of Fantasy

The level-up system of Tower of Fantasy is called Wanderer Level. Wanderer Level lets you open up locked in-game contents. Increasing the Wanderer Level requires you to gain XP by defeating enemies and completing ruins.

Weapons and upgrades increase your overall Combat Score, which serves as the basis whether you are ready to do content, for example, a Boss or Ruins, or not. Augmenting weapons and Advancing will also improve the Combat Score.

Tower of Fantasy has the Weapon Store. In exploring the world of Aida, you can get Gold Nucleus and Black Nucleus which you will then use in drawing in the store.

You can use Gold Nucleus to draw 10 weapons. It also has a pity system, where by hitting 80 draws with no SSR rating grants you a guaranteed SSR draw on the next pull.

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