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Tower of Fantasy: Best Team Compositions Guide | PvP and PvP Teams

Tower of Fantasy Best Team Compositions Guide PVE & PVP Global
Tower of Fantasy Global is in full swing. With new Wanderers logging in for the first time in Global servers there are a lot of things to explore, lots of secrets to uncover and of course, lots of Team Compositions to try out.




 We’ve got you covered on the last part. As you take a break from the early grind, here are our recommended team compositions for PVE and PVP.

Best Team Compositions for PVE & PVP Tower of Fantasy Global

Best DPS Team in Tower of Fantasy

Let’s start by talking about the best DPS team composition. For this, we recommend SAMIR, NEMESIS, and KING.


SAMIR is a dual pistol-wielding Volt Character that has high damage output especially when the target’s shield is broken. When you raise her to 6 stars, she is easily one of the highest damage dealers in the game.


NEMESIS is a support weapon. But if you equip 2 weapons of DPS type, you could activate the Attacker Resonance perk enhancing her final attack damage. Her skills also  Volt attack users so it complements Samir’s output damage as well as her own.

Her electrode skill not only damages and enhances her allies, but she also has heal that could do moderate support even equipped with the Attacker resonance.


KING on the early game has one of the strongest shield break potential out there. Once he breaks the enemy’s shield he deals massive damage topped off with his flame element, which could inflict burn status that damages over time. On higher star levels, his damage and shield break capabilities also increase.

So for the best DPS team hands down, it would have to be Samir, Nemesis, and King.

Best Tank Team in Tower of Fantasy

For the Tanking team Composition, it would have to be MERYL, HUMA, and KING.


MERYL has a lot of skills that drain stamina and shields and has a lot of damage-dealing skills to easily break shields. At higher star levels she further boosts her shield-breaking abilities as well as dishing out high damage once the enemy’s shields are broken.


HUMA is an ideal tank because in shield form she can shrug off a lot of damage with her charge attack as well as shield-generating abilities. In ax form, she deals with high attacks as well that help easily break the enemies’ shields.


KING is our third pick with the same explanation as why we picked him on the DPS team composition. High shield break capabilities and high damage output especially when the enemies lose their shields.

With an all-tank composition, the main objective is to break everyone’s shields and start using those damage-dealing attacks. With three shield breakers on your team, you could rip off those shields in no time.

Best Healing Team in Tower of Fantasy

For the Best Healing team Composition we would have to pick NEMESIS, ZERO, and SAMIR.


NEMESIS is a strong support weapon and when we switch her to Benediction resonance, her healing skill gets boosted to 200%, she also enhances volt weapon damage and her healing could also enhance attacks.


ZERO has high charge-generating moves and is crucial In this composition due to his shield and damage buffs he also has healing so with a composition of three, two healers with shields and buff effects should be enough to clear even the toughest of battles.


SAMIR is our third pick simply because of her high damage output. Topped it off with volt enhanced buffs from Nemesis and Zero’s attack buff enhancement as well as shields, she would shine here as her final attack goes way up because of the teams’ enhancements.

Best PVE Team in Tower of Fantasy

For the team that you should use on the Bygone Phantasm and wormhole PVE, we recommend using the DPS team. That’s Samir, Nemesis, and King.

You would need a team with high damage to clear levels faster and a lot of enemies in the Bygone Phantasm have shields that regenerate constantly so with King breaking them open and all three doing high damage, this would be the best team to use in their.

As for the wormhole which is a series of the level where your hp isn’t restored automatically after each level, having Nemesis out there with healing skills at the same time boosting Samir and King’s attack damage is the ideal pick for this stage.

High attack and shield break capabilities mean the less time you spend in a fight.

The faster you clear a level, then, the less time you get being hit. If the enemies manage to deal a fair amount of damage on you, Nemesis heal will do the trick so you continually regenerate health in and out of battle.

Best PVP Team in Tower of Fantasy

The best team to bring on PVP would be COCO RITTER, ZERO, and MERYL.

COCO RITTER is very strong in PVP. With an almost infinite combo as long as your stamina holds up, she can stun lock foes easily unless they have crowd control reducing or negating skills. To top it off, she has very powerful long-range attacks and even has a heal so she can recover some hit points in battle.

ZERO gets pretty tanky in PVP, healing gets reduced in PVP arenas but it doesn’t reduce shields. So he can take a lot of damage as well as deal a fair amount of damage especially if teamed with COCO and his shield is very hard to break. And with his attacks homing on the enemies, he is one of the most newbie-friendly characters to play.

MERYL is another good pick for the PVP team composition because she has so many stamina-draining skills as well as invulnerability skills and shields. She also has the ability to trap opponents with her so they won’t be able to flee as she dishes out her damage-dealing skills.

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