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Tower of Fantasy: How to Use Omnium Beacon

There are a lot of things that players don’t know about in this world, and one of those things is how to acquire game items simply by doing nothing.




While you are out exploring, you might sometimes encounter beacon notifications or stumble across Omnium Beacons by chance.

You click on it and by chance, it gives you good upgrade materials. These are Omnium Beacons.

Omnium Beacons are items in the tower of Fantasy that can be deployed by players around the map. Once deployed on an area, the beacon gathers Omnium particles and makes materials out of them.

In Player’s terms, these are mini-games that you can do together with your daily grind and is a fun addition to a game already full of in-game content.

In today’s guide, we are going to show you how to do these Omnium Beacons and what rewards they may hold when completing the mini-game.

Guide on How to Use the Omnium Beacon in Tower of Fantasy

The omnium Beacon mini-game has two sides of gameplay. One side is for players who plant these beacons around the map and another is for players who actively look for them.

It is like an Easter Egg hunt with the difference being, that you can do these every day, and instead of Eggs, you either hide or plant Beacons around the map.

Where to get Omnium Beacons

For you to join, pull up your adventure menu and select the Omnium Beacon from the list of missions that use Vitality.

A beacon costs around 30 vitality points. This item has no daily limit so you can get as much as you want. There are gacha mechanics here, however. The rarity of the beacons you obtain is randomized and that also sets what materials you can get from them.

Once you have acquired your beacon, it will be stored in your inventory. Head out to the map and find a good spot where you should plant those beacons.

Beacons can be placed on any located on the map, provided, the surface is flat enough and is not on a restricted area.

Once you plant them, the beacon would emit a small beam of light and can be seen when you get close enough to one. Take note, that the color of the light it emits indicates the rarity of the material inside.

The colors for the rarity of materials that can be obtained from the beacons are Blue, Purple, and Orange.

The orange-colored beacons have a greater chance of obtaining rarer materials.

After planting the beacons you can now leave them and wait for 24 hours to claim the reward items inside. You could log out from the game or do other in-game content for the rewards to become available.

You can collect your items at the omnium beacon menu and the materials will be sent to your mailbox.

The Beacons can give you random weapon batteries, matrix data packs and the much-needed weapon augmentation materials.

From time to time, you would receive a notification from the Omnium Beacon Menu. Accessing it would allow you to see a map of an area where one of the other players is hiding their beacon. The notification gives you a general area where the beacon may be found and a screenshot of the area where the beacon is at.

You can now go and try to check out where the beacon is located to get their loot. If you manage to find the beacon, just interact with it for you to claim the other players’ items. once you finished doing that, the signals for all other possible beacon locations will disappear from your menu.

These items will then be accessible through the mailbox.

If your beacon was stolen by another player, you would get a notification about it. Attached to it would be the player’s name and a few rewards from the stolen beacon. The amount of loot that would be given depends on how much time the beacon was operational before it was deactivated.

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