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Tower of Fantasy: Wildwing Otto Location Artificial Island

Find one of the new enemies added to the game.




The 1.5 version update of Tower of Fantasy introduces various newfeatures, including a character, raid, home system, area, new enemies, and more.

The Artificial Island is home to strong and aggressive enemies that can even kill your character if you’re not careful. We are going to show you where you can locate one of these new enemies here.

Wildwing Otto Location Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

Artificial Island is a new area in Tower of Fantasy that can only be unlocked if you have at least reached level 50 and started chapter 2 of the main storyline. If you have completed the 2 requirements, you just need to go and talk to Kolador in Banges Port. He will transport you to the island.

Upon spawning on Artificial Island, he is going to give you a quest to find Developer Logs. The Home System unlocks after completing this quest.

Wildwing Otto is located in Artificial Island and may spawn in 2 locations.

Wildwing Otto Locations

To reach the first potential location of Wildwing Otto, proceed to this area in the Ring Arena, where you can find a Blue portal that teleports you to a floating island.

For the second location, you need to go to the area indicated by a yellow circle in the picture above, and pass through a blue portal to teleport you to another floating island that may spawn Wildwing Otto.

If you cannot find Wildwing Otto in these areas, you can try changing channesl. Defeating Otto for the first time unlocks the Otto achievement.

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