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Tower of Fantasy: Artificial Island Guide

Experience the new era in Tower of Fantasy in its latest 1.5 update. New locations, characters, weapons, and many more!




Recently, Hotta Studio released the new 1.5 update of Tower Fantasy. This open-world MMORPG already has amazing features prior to this update, but Hotta Studio still has a lot more to offer for the players.

In this update, the game offers even more exciting updates such as an 8-person boss raid, a new character, a new weapon, a new map location—the Artificial Island.

And because it was just recent since the game update was released, you might still be unaware of the appearance of the Artificial Island and what’s in there. To help you get a grasp of what’s inside this location, here’s a guide for you.

This short guide will take you to a small tour inside the Artificial Island. So, in case you haven’t seen the update yet, here’s one is for you.

Artificial Island Guide in Tower of Fantasy

The Artificial Land is one of the features from the newly updated version of Tower of Fantasy. Many players have already been talking about this, we are here to tell you more about it.

This information might spoil your excitement about this update if you are still a new player—there is a level requirement before you can access the area. Simply updating the game will not actually guarantee you a free access on this area. The Artificial Island is an unlockable area which has some few requirements before you can enjoy its features.

To be able to access the area, the player should be at least level 50, and should accept the quest in the Banges Port. Once you have achieved these requirements, you will be able to enter the location. But you should be at least level 60 or has 50% exploration to be able to construct buildings inside.

Things You Should Know in Constructing Buildings

In the Artificial Island, you will be building and upgrading different infrastructures and buildings that generates materials which you can use as you progress in the game. As you upgrade this building, the materials it can produce per hour will also increase.

To upgrade buildings, you will be required to collect a specific number of materials depending on the building and on the level, you are about to upgrade.

In the Currency and Housing Shop, there is a chance of getting limited matrix pools. It includes some avatars, accessories, vehicles, and other stuff that you can use for your character. Plus, some of the materials are used in crafting and obtaining matrices.

Aside from the buildings and shops, you can also go hunt and kill enemies in the map.

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