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Tower of Fantasy: How to Open Chests | Chest Guide

You’ll come across several chests throughout your adventure in Tower of Fantasty, and opening them will depend on which type of chest they are.




Just like with any other game that involves loots, Tower of Fantasy features chests that you can open to obtain various rewards. However, the mechanic of opening chests in Tower of Fantasy is a bit different. Let’s find out how you can actually open chests in the game.

How to Open Chests | Chest Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Before we begin, you want to keep in mind that there are two types of chests in Tower of Fantasy. Also, the chests in Tower of Fantasy come in the form of round supply pods. There are two types of them, and we’re going to break them down in further detail.

Supply Pod

The first type of chest is called the supply pod which gives a TON of experience, but with the catch that it’s one time only. This means that once you open a purple supply pod, it will no longer respawn.

Also, the amount of XP you gain is proportionate to your level. As such, once you reach max level 18 on Day 1, for example, and your experience bar is already full, you don’t want to open this type of chest. This is because it will only end up wasting the amount of experience you could potentially gain.

They do give you Black Nucleus for the purple one and Gold Nucleus for the gold one, but you don’t want to miss out on the experience you can get.

As such, I highly suggest primarily opening them to fill up your experience bar. You can also receive gold as well as components from opening this type of chest.

Password Chest

The other type is the password chest which, as the name implies, requires a password to open. However, unlike the first one, this type of chest actually respawns in the world. The only downside is that you’ll need to decipher it in order to open it.

There are two options you can use: perfect decipher and force decipher. With Perfect Decipher, you will be able to gain a lot of experience opening the chest. However, it will require a Type 2 chip which you can obtain from bounty missions and weekly activity rewards.

With Forced Decipher, you can still get the rewards inside the chest, but you will only get less experience.

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