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Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock Artificial Island Barrier Dome

Find out step by step how to unlock Artificial Island Barrier Dome in Tower of Fantasy.




Embark on your new adventure discovering the hidden planet of Aida located far in the future.

Yes, we are talking about this addictive, action RPG game that is free to play and consists of an open world where players around the world try to complete missions, defeat bosses and win rewards.

Tower of Fantasy is a game that came out at the end of 2021, and its popularity is growing day by day.

If you want, you can play this game on your Android or iOS device, or through the classic version for PC. Find it in your App Store or via the Steam platform.

Without further ado, let’s find out how to unlock the Artificial Island Barrier Dome in the Tower of Fantasy franchise.

Complete Guide on Unlocking the Artificial Island Barrier Dome – Tower of Fantasy

Let’s go through this guide step by step.

First you need to collect 3 firefly and activate the light to get the Rapid Repair Device.

Then, visit the location marked in the picture below.

There you will find the second Rapid Repair Device.

Just explore the abandoned ships nearby and you will find everything you are looking for.

At the next location, focus on the ships again – direct your search to find every firefly you need to continue your mission.

When you collect all the parts, you can go fix the Transmission Device.

Let’s go back near the Stone Mountain to use the Repair Tool Set.

From the Menu, visit the Crystal Dust Store and buy a Fine Gift.

Use the Fine Gift you just bought to repair the power supply facility in front of you.

The next step is to get the Institute Key from angry aberrant who spawns randomly near transmission gates. Like for example, in the location below.

After you win the battle and get the Institute Key Card, it’s time to unlock North Gemini Island.

Go to the platform and use Institute Key Card to activate the transmission device.

After that, teleport to South Gemini Island.

After that, teleport to South Gemini Island.

There you have to fly and climb the high rock until you reach the rock that is chained with thorns.

There, unfortunately, you will not be able to climb, you will have to use the platform on which you will stand and which will take you to the top of the rock.

There, in the tent you will find the Permission Card: Tyrone.

Now, go to North Gemini Island. This requires a lot of jumping and flying, so be prepared.

The next step is to get through the jumping and flying to the Sea Horizon Stand (with a lot of rock climbing).

Once you reach the top, you must use Permission Card: Tyrone to activate the transmission device.

Teleport yourself across the platform to go get the Permission Card: Morris.

There is a lot of rock climbing and then a fight with enemies to get to the small pedestal where your Permission Card is.

Fight the rest of your enemies once more and go get gold nucleus on Sea Horizon Stand.

The next step is to go through the water to Listen to Earwyn Island.

There, on a platform you have to use Permission Card: Morris to activate the transmission code.

Use this platform to teleport and go find Permission Card: Damien.

This card is located on top of an iron platform that contains a container with a warning sign above.

You have to fly to the top of the platform and pick up the Pass.

The next step is to get gold nucleus on sea Listen to Earwyn Island.

You have to climb the rock to the very top, from where you will see the Gold nucleus at the base, and you have to pick it up while you are flying.

Let’s go to back to the top of the hill and get to the platform where you will use the Rapid Repair Device to repair the conveyor components.

Use the Permission Card: Damien to activate the transmission device.

The next step is to get to Diurnal Islet. There, you must collect 2 red nucleuses. But before you can collect them, you have to defeat two guards.

And that’s it! After that, you will successfully unlock the Artificial Island Barrier Dome in Tower of Fantasy.


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