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Tower of Fantasy: How to Solve Ring of Echos Muzical Puzzle

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The world of Tower of Fantasy is full of secret puzzles that require you to do certain things in order to obtain a reward.

Some puzzles will reward you with chests and others with summons, and some of them can be done multiple times, while others are sort of a one-time thing.

In this article, we will take a look at how to solve the Ring of Echos Musical Puzzle, which is pretty simple.

Solving Ring of Echos Musical Puzzle in Tower of Fantasy

The first and most important thing to know is that there isn’t a correct order to solve this puzzle. Unlike some of the puzzles like the jumping mushrooms that will require a certain order, the musical puzzle in Tower of Fantasy is totally random.

The best way to solve this puzzle is to jump on the spots and press the buttons until another button lights up. So, you should start by jumping on any spot, and once you click the button, you should head over to the next one that lights up.

Basically, the game will tell you which buttons to click next until you complete the puzzle.

After following the light and clicking them in the right order, a chest will appear on a platform nearby.

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