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Tower of Fantasy: Go to the Furnace Core Site Guide

The Furnace Core Site is a new area in the Vera Sector that you can visit by heading inside a room in the Vera Tower of Fantasy.




One of the several new areas added to Tower of Fantasy from its latest update is the Furnace Core Site. If you’re wondering how you can get to this new area, then check this guide out.

Go to the Furnace Core Site Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Credits: ZaraFrostPet

To get to the Furnace Core Site, you want to head over to the new Vera Sector map first. At some point in the game, you will receive a quest as part of the Vera Sector questline. This quest will prompt you to visit the area.

First off, you want to visit the new Mirroria region. After that, you want to go to a nearby cruiser station and navigate to the Vera Tower of Fantasy station.

Credits: ZaraFrostPet

After reaching the station, turn left and then climb up the stairs. From there, simply follow the quest marker which will lead you to a huge door.

Interact with the door to receive a prompt asking if you want to enter the Furnace Core Site.

Simply click OK, and after a few seconds, you’re now inside the site. As of this writing, it seems there’s not much going on inside except for the objective.

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