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Tower of Fantasy: How to Destroy Big Rocks

The world of Tower of Fantasy is full of hidden things, here is how to break the Big Rocks that hide loot




As you explore the vast world in Tower of Fantasy, you would come across rock walls that appear to be cracked and about one punch away from shattering. Mark those locations well, for those areas, might contain loot and pathways for you to explore.

Those things can be easily broken by using the Missile Barrage Relic. If you haven’t got one in your inventory, then here’s how to get them.

How to destroy big rocks in Tower of Fantasy

The missile barrage is an offensive Relic. When activated, it launches a series of missiles in front of you. One of the perks of this Relic is that it helps you destroy rock on your way to access lots on the other side of the wall and paths for exploration.

Take note that these just break certain rocks in the game. They’re usually large rock walls that appear to be cracked.

For mountains and other large stones in the area, you wouldn’t make a dent even if you max the stars on your Relic.

The missile barrage Relic can be unlocked and obtained via the main story. It’s the quest where you go to the dungeon ruins A-01.

You unlock them by interacting with an NPC Smart Servant Peanut and activating the cube Relic in the middle of the dungeon.

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