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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Guaranteed Gold Gears

Gold Rarity Gears are the best sets to have for your character.




Only a few players in the game have gold rarity gears in the game. With 8 types of gears to equip, it would be difficult to have a complete gold set to maximize your character potential.

Getting these types of gear is hard since the drop rate for them is relatively low. The chances of getting gold gear drops increase as you complete different objectives in the game but these are just chances and not guaranteed gold gear.

In this guide, we will be showing you the best way to get GOLD Rarity Gears and it is not through chance drops in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get Guaranteed Gold Gears in Tower of Fantasy

The short version of this is by buying Gold at the Commissary. Doing that would be easier said than done because Gold gears can only be exchanged for Gold Dust.

Get Gold Dust by Spending Vitality

The only way to get gold dust in Tower of Fantasy is by spending your Vitality points. You can do this by completing co-op challenges.

You could get approximately x6 gold dust per 30 vitality you spend. With a base vitality point of about 180 vitality points, that’s x36 gold dust every 12 hours. It would take about 12 hours to fully replenish your vitality points.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend playing daily, you could also spend your vitality by buying omnium beacons. Beacons cost 30 vitality points and you can have a total of 30 omnium beacons in your inventory.

If you spend 900 vitality points for 30 beacons, you will get around 180 gold dust. These are optional for you especially if you cant play daily and would waste all your vitality points.

Ruin Exploration

The next place to get gold dust would be through Ruin Explorations. Clear these ruins from B-02 hard difficulty to E-03. This would give us 18 ruins to complete with 300 gold dust each. This would give us a total of x5,800 gold dust.

Joint Operations Achievement Milestones

You can also get gold dust from completing the milestones for joint operations. The list can be viewed on the achievement page under battle and united. Here you will focus on getting no less than 50% hp runs for joint operations difficulty 5-7. Overall, we can get around 3,500 gold dust when completing all of them.

To sum it all up. Completing ruins for the first time and getting the joint operation achievements will give us approximately 9,300 gold dust which can be converted to 7 gold gears at the gold relic shop.

Spending your vitality everyday for 1 week will give you 252 gold dust to add to your hoard of gold dust. Doing this without chance drops of gold gears along the way as you clear content will guarantee you 7 gold gears that and complete your set in no time.

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