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Tower of Fantasy: All Silvercrown Tree Locations

Silvercrown Trees are special trees that have a bit of a minigame in them in exchange for some really nice rewards.




It’s no secret that Tower of Fantasy is filled with tons of stuff to explore. From boxes that you have to move to pressure plates you have to trigger, there’s just no shortage of fun activities you can do. Of course, all of these activities come with a reward, which makes completing them even more exciting.

One such activity involves the Silvercrown trees where you have to play a minigame in order to recharge them and receive a reward.

However, you need to locate them first. This guide will show you where to find them.

All Silvercrown Tree Locations in Tower of Fantasy

There’s a total of three Silvercrown trees that you can encounter in the game. However, you need to unlock a huge part of the story first before you can do so. This is because you can only find these trees within the Warren region which is a bit far off in the game.

Once you have progressed far enough, another thing you need to focus on is upgrading your health and wearing the right gear. This is because the region has radiation, and going there on low health can cost you your life.

That said, upon reaching the Warren region, you want to head over to the following locations to find the Silvercrown trees:

Silvercrown Tree #1

For the first tree, you want to head over to Saag Passage as shown on the map below:

Specifically, you want to head over to the coordinates in the image. You can get there via the Saag Passage spacerift and then make your way to the west until you find the tree.

Silvercrown Tree #2

The second tree is just a bit to the left of Aarniel Fortress which you can see in this image:

It’s actually just right in front of the Aarniel Fortress spacerift. All you have to do is teleport to that waypoint. Then, you can easily spot the tree from a short distance.

Silvercrown Tree #3

The last tree is just a bit north of the Aarniel Fortress which you can see in this image:

You’ll spot the tree close to the shore. You can choose to teleport to the Southern Naa Fjords spacerift as it’s closer to the tree. However, that would also mean you have to cross the cold lake.

Each time you find a tree, make sure to play its minigame to receive some rewards including a Black Nucleus and some exploration points.

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