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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get All the Limited Ingredients for the Aida Cafe Event

The Aida Cafe event in Tower of Fantasy is upon us, and will reward players for creating a variety of dishes. We’ve got the goods on where to locate all the limited ingredients you’ll need for the recipes and how to prepare them.




Along with the latest update to Tower of Fantasy, you’ve got a new ‘Aida Cafe’ event to look forward to – this puts you in the role of restaurateur, taking care of the needs of the various customers and clientele (Simulacra).

While serving at the cafe (on a daily basis) three different customers will come to you, to who you then have to serve up to five courses.

Naturally, the range of preference among the customers will vary. You’ll have to select from the corresponding character’s “preferred” meals to net the highest amount of points.

You’ll be ‘scored’ on each meal in a range of 5-10 points, which translates to the number of reward points you get from that customer.

Tower of Fantasy’s Aida Cafe event will be running until September 28th, 2022 – so this is entirely a limited-time affair. To get started, select the gift box in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and from there select the Aida Cafe tab on the new menu.

We’ve got all the details on the required ingredients, recipes, and corresponding character dishes. You can use the reward points from the event to obtain items such as a champion shoekeeper frame, red nucleus, an SSR-relic box, and special vouchers.

Read below to find out how to get all the limited ingredients for the Aida Cafe event.

How to Obtain All the Limited Ingredients for the Aida Cafe Event in Tower of Fantasy

There are a total of seven different limited ingredients you’ll be able to find in the world of Aida specific to the event. You’ll need these to compose various recipes. A full list, including where to locate them can be found below.

  • Turkey: Obtained through killing any kind of Hyena (Astra).
  • Wild Boar Meat: Obtained through killing wild boars in the wilderness (rare drop; Astra).
  • Salmon: Obtained through Crown Mines or Warren Snowfield; collect ‘lake bass.’
  • Grapes: Obtained through killing members of the Ravagers (Cetus Island).
  • Apple: Obtained by collecting fallen fruit scattered throughout Aida (Banges and Astra).
  • Sugar Cube: Obtained by killing members of the Heirs of Aida (Banges).
  • Sesame: Obtained while collecting ‘brown rice’ (Navia). 

Utilizing these seven ingredients, there are ten total limited recipes that are exclusive to the Aida Cafe event. You’ll need to know these to serve them to the cast of characters, based upon their personal favorites to net you the maximum amount of points from them.

These recipes will also call for other ingredients you should have on-hand, or be able to easily purchase/locate. The ten recipes are as follows:

  • Apple Juice: 1x Apple, 1x Sugar Cube, 1x Carbonated Water.
  • Apple Cake: 1x Poultry Egg, 1x Brown Rice, 1x Apple, 1x Grapes.
  • Fruit Punch: 1x Carbonated Water, 1x Grapes, 1x Balloon Fruit.
  • Gingerbread: 1x Honey, 1x Brown Rice, 1x Sugar Cube.
  • Small Sesame Rice Dumplings: 1x Mushroom, 1x Brown Rice, 1x Sesame.
  • Pan-Fried Salmon: 1x Lettuce, 1x Potato, 1x Salmon.
  • Turkey Beet Soup: 1x Mushroom, 1x Turkey, 1x Potato.
  • Roast-Suckling Pig: 1x Lettuce, 1x Honey, 1x Wild Boar Meat, 1x Sugar Cube.
  • Roasted Drumstick w/ Vegetables: 1x Turkey, 1x Lettuce, 1x Mushroom.
  • Braised Turkey w/ Apples: 1x Apple, 1x Turkey, 1x Potato, 1x Broccoli.

Serving the correct dishes in order to the corresponding characters is an important aspect of the event, which will net you the highest possible reward points.

You’ll only need to serve each character 4 out of 5 of their favorite dishes to reach this maximum. You may also note that some of the character’s dishes are standard recipes and not exclusive to this event.

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Grounded: The Hidden Chip Location | Rotten Log Chip Guide | Ash Recipe

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Collecting these BURG.L chips and handing them over to BURG.L will let you unlock new and different gameplay features. However, the chips are located in different map areas and it is your task to find all of them even the hardest ones to find.

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But, first things first. You must first head your way towards the abandoned underwater lab. Looking at the lower part of the lab itself, you will see a circular doorway that will serve as your entrance. Interact with it and enter the lab.

As you enter the lab, head upwards and go to the room which is directly on its right. From there, you will see a locked door. Use your Assistant Manager Keycard to gain access to this room. Once you enter the room, you will see a button there. Press it to open up the door that you will need later.

After that, you can still go and check out the whole area to find some more random items and raw science. But this time, we will have to go next to the rotten log location.

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Source: Sir Sim-Alot

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Once you have succeeded, drop down inside the tube and it will reveal an abandoned lab tipped over.

Basically, you will have to move around by jumping over the fallen equipment to get to your location. Keep jumping until you reach the Stump Outpost. Keep jumping until you reach the damaged section or room above.

Once you reach the room, face right and look for another hole to jump down. You will realize that you have fallen into nasty water. From there, face the right side which has a glass wall that you can see through. Jump over it and jump to the terminal to open the door you found at your first landing from the tube.

After you have activated the door, you have to do another series of jumping scenes until you get back to the top. Then, go back to where you started and you will be able to access Door A.

As you enter Door A, you will fall directly on the BURG.L chip that we are looking for. Get out of the lab by going through the hole with raw science and by following the path.

Hand Over the BURG.L Chip

After you finally found this chip, go and talk to BURG.L. Give the chip you got and you will receive rewards and recipes.

For the Rotten Log Chip, you will receive 5,000 raw science and unlock Stump Chips.

You will have to use the Stump Chips in the ASL Terminal to see what you have unlocked in the Science Shop. After checking, you will obtain Advanced Building: Ash Cement.

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