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Tower of Fantasy: Artificial Island Red Nucleus in Car Truck

There’s another truck within Artificial Island that contains yet another Red Nucleus that you can obtain for free.




One of the most exciting additions to the newest Artificial Island location is the presence of certain POIs that contains a Red Nucleus. These POIs come in the form of trucks, and within each truck is a Red Nucleus that you can get for free.

The first truck is located inside Baze Zero itself, and to get there, you need to go through various portals that will lead you inside the truck. Meanwhile, there’s yet another truck that’s not that far off from the first one.

In this guide, I’ll show you where to find that truck and how you can get inside it to claim the Red Nucleus.

Artificial Island Red Nucleus in Car Truck in Tower of Fantasy

To get there, you want to head over to the spacerift in Rusty Iron Camp. Then, you want to head a bit north and into the area between Mine Base and Mount Sandy as shown in the image below:

Once you get there, you want to look for a huge boulder at the foot of a cliff. After finding it, destroy the boulder to reveal a red portal inside. Go through the portal, and this will teleport you to a floating island just a bit north of Mine Base.

After getting on the floating island, drop down and look for the red portal underneath it. Go through that portal to arrive inside a truck. There, you’ll find a floating orb in front of you. Pick it up to loot a free Red Nucleus as well as some exploration progress for Artificial Island.

This truck is located southeast of Base Zero which is not that far from the other truck. As usual, exit via the blue portal on the other end of the truck.

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