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Tower of Fantasy: How to Play Ruby | Skill Rotation Guide

Ruby is the newest DPS Simulacra that is introduced in the most recent update of Tower of Fantasy.




The most recent Tower of Fantasy update introduces a handful of new content for players to explore. Not only that but a new Simulacra called Ruby is introduced as well.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to play as Ruby and what skills she has to offer.

How to Play Ruby | Skill Rotation Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Ruby is an SSR Simulacra who has been in the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy for quite a while now. She uses the Sparky drone as a weapon to deal Flame element damage to enemies. Needless to say, Ruby is a DPS character which further expands the selection of DPS characters in the game.

In order to effectively deal a lot of flame damage, you need to learn Ruby’s skill rotation. Ruby’s skill rotation is actually pretty simple. Her skill, Sparky Crash, causes her weapon to shoot a spark forward which will bounce between you and your target.

However, before you activate that skill, you want to build up stacks of Heat Energy first. Each time you perform a basic attack, you will gain 1 stack of Heat Energy every 0.9 seconds. While this won’t offer any benefits on its own, it will provide you with a 25% increase in Flame ATK once it reaches 8 stacks.

Once you reach the maximum 8 stacks, you will gain Ultimate Heat Energy which grants that effect. And when it happens, you can then activate the Sparky Crash skill to deal a high amount of damage.

Best Matrices to Use for Ruby

Without a doubt, the best matrix for Ruby is the Ruby 4-piece set which grants increased Flame damage. Specifically, this matrix set allows Ruby to gain Mastery which increases her Flame damage after successful basic attacks.

The 2-piece version is also a good choice as it increases Ruby’s Flame ATK after performing a weapon skill.

If you’re going for a crit build, the best option would be the Crow 2-piece set and Shiro 2-piece set for an increase in shatter damage as well. However, if you don’t have any SSR matrix yet, you can just go for Sobek 3-piece set. This will help Ruby clear mobs a lot faster and easier.

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