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Tower of Fantasy: How to get Grand Marshal in PvP

Reaching level 30 allows players to fight in 1 on 1 in PvP. If you think you have what it takes, head on over to the Apex League




Player Versus Player is one of the key features on why Online Multiplayer games are popular these days. This is after all, what the end game is all about. That, and of course completing the story missions.

Today, we are going to focus more on the game’s PvP system and how you could potentially get the coveted title of Grand Marshal at the Apex League.

How to get Grand Marshal in PvP

Apex League unlocks when your character reaches level 30. Here, you fight in a series of 1 on 1 in a arena that shrinks as time passes. The objective is to defeat your opponent within a 5-minute time limit.

These battles use a 2-point system where when one player dies, he would respawn randomly in any part of the arena with full health and no status effects. He also receives 20% increased damage.

Every 75 seconds, the arena will shrink in size. If you go over the limit, you would receive continuous Hp damage until you are killed or you get back to the safe area.

When the 5 minutes are up and no winner is decided. The game defaults to whoever has the most points or has the most Hp.

Win Battles for Stars and position in the Leaderboard

Apex League uses a ranking system to determine players’ positions on the leaderboard. There are 7 Ranks in all with Private as your starting rank, Elite, Sergeant, Commander, Star General, Battle Lord and Grand Marshal at the top.

These ranks also affect the rewards you obtain when the season ends.

On the rank of Private and Elite, you must accumulate 3 stars and 3 levels to get to the next level. You start as a private 1 star and when you win 3 battles you would be promoted to 2 stars and so forth.

After reaching private 3 stars, the next battle you win would place you in the Elite 1-star class.

On the ranks of Sergeant and Commander, it would be added to 4 stars with 4 levels.

Star General and Battle Lord you have 5 stars and 5 levels and winning one more battle for ranking up will place you on the Rank of Grand Marshal.

If you lose a battle, you would lose one star in your rank. If you have the rank of Sergeant 1 star, you would be demoted to the rank of Elite 3 stars.

At the end of the Season your rank on the leaderboard would be reset for the start of the next season. Your season rank would determine what rewards you will be given for the Apex League.

Grand Marshal rank rewards are the Grand Marshal Title, Dust Wheeler mount, and 500 dark Crystals.

Battle Lord rank rewards are the Battle Lord Title, a limited Accessory, and 450 dark crystals.

The Commander rank will give you the Commander title, a limited accessory, and 350 dark crystals.

For Sergeant rank, the Sergeant title, a limited accessory, and 300 dark crystals.

Elite rank would receive the Elite title, a limited accessory, and 200 dark crystals, and the Private rank with a Private title, a limited accessory, and 100 dark crystals.

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