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Tower of Fantasy: Lockdown Location

Surprises never get old, especially when you’re for the offensive side of a battle.




In addition to the new Artificial Islands introduced on the 1.5 update, new enemies and monsters to vanquish awaits you as well. Taking it literally, some might be really waiting for your visit; itching for your battle with them.

One of the seven new opponents is Lockdown—a two-legged Type X Patrol Droid. He is a Level 70 mech-android so defeating this foe flawlessly could be pegged quite difficult. But, nothing beats a well-prepared fellow so you should ensure first that you are up to its level in terms of skills and combat ability.

Assuming that you are already set to conquer this monster, what you need next is Lockdown’s location. Considering that Lockdown is a newcomer in the game, his whereabouts would, of course, be unknown to most players. Where could Lockdown really be? Let’s find out more!

Location of Lockdown

As a patrol robot, as implied by its name, Lockdown is committed on patrolling the area between the Mine Base and Rusty Iron Camp. With this knowledge, it can be inferred that Lockdown could be found on either of the two locations.

Even so, there is a greater chance of meeting Lockdown of you would decide to drop by the fortress near the Rusty Iron Camp. However, there could be a little problem by doing so; the place, aside from Lockdown itself, could be infested with other robots ready to fight you anytime.

Based on some instances, if you happen to be unsuccessful in finding Lockdown, you might want to change your channel.

Defeating Lockdown

Being able to defeat Lockdown is such a great feat since he is somewhat a formidable enemy; being a Level 70 android makes it unsurprising. On top of that, he is equipped with two white shields which you must destroy first in order to reveal and inflict changes in red health bar which is his main health percentage.

As one of the foes on the list of enemies on Artificial Islands, beating Lockdown would be one less target and unlock the Lockdown achievement. Aside from that, Lockdown’s feat would also grant you an Achievement Currency of 7, alongside a quite generous amount of 10 Dark Crystals.

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