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Tower of Fantasy: All Seven Samurai Locations

Find all of the Samurais and defeat them.




Tower of Fantasy features rare or unique mobs that have names, stronger than normal monsters. Some of these mobs have a low chance of dropping a vehicle component. What’s more annoying is, they have shields that you need to shatter first to deal more damage. One of the mobs mentioned is the Samurais, and we are going to show you where to find them.

All Seven Samurai Locations in Tower of Fantasy

The Seven Samurais are rare mobs that can be found in the game Tower of Fantasy. Defeating each of them for the first time results to an achievement.

They can be found scattered around the Crown Region Mines. They appear as shirtless men that have dark helmets on their heads and have swords similar to a katana as weapons.

Seven Samurai Locations

The first Samurai is Izumi, he is located on a small stronghold on the left side of the Goldrush Mountains.

The second Samurai, Kotetsu, is located near the World Boss Lucia. Be cautious when you try to fight him as you might encounter Lucia, leaving you with no choice but to fight 2 on 1.. It is advisable to fight Kotetsu while Lucia has not respawned.

The third Samurai, Muramasa, is located on a small stronghold by a cliff. He will be seen striking a box.

The next Samurai, Nagamitsu, is located on a small stronghold on the right side of the Spacerift: the Southern Mountains. He is seen standing outside of the tent.

The following Samurai, Munechika, can be found in a stronghold on the left side of the Miners’ Camp, He is near a container on the right.

The sixth Samurai, Onimaru, is located north of the Miners’ Camp. He is found in the center of the containers.

The Last Samurai, Kagehide, is on the south side of the Crown Regions Omnium Tower. He is in a small stronghold, and will be seen standing outside the tent.

All of the Samurais have the weakness of the Volt element.

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