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Tower of Fantasy: How to Enter Sea Horizon Stand Island

Let’s find out how to get to Sea Horizon Stand Island in Tower of Fantasy.




As you already know, Tower of Fantasy is an action open-world fantasy game in which you solve quests together with other players, explore the planet of Aida and try to defeat various bosses.

This game happens in the future, so everything you see is designed so that you can immerse yourself in a new reality. Also, you can download this game for your PC or you can download versions for Android or iOS devices.

Today we will talk about how to find Sea Horizon Stand Island and enter inside of it.

So, let’s begin.

Tower of Fantasy: Enter Sea Horizon Stand Island – Step by Step

The first step in completing this mission is that you must collect 3 firefly and activate the light to get the Rapid Repair Device.

You can find them at the location in the picture above.

Now, you must explore the sea near Broken Tooth Island to find the Rapid Repair Device 2.

After that, visit the next location, which is in the picture below. It’s necessary for Rapid Repair Device 3.

Now it’s time to go and use the Repair Tool Set.

Go to Crystal Dust Store and buy Fine Gift.

Use this Fine Gift to repair the power supply facility.

After using the Repair Tool, you have to go find the Institute Key from angry aberrant. It spawns randomly around near transmission gates.

After you kill the angry aberrant, you will get the Institute Key Card and you will be able to unlock the North Gemini Island.

On the platform, use the Institute Key Card to activate the transmission device.

Then teleport and travel to South Gemini Island.

From there, the next step is to find and win the Permission Card: Tyrone.

With a lot of climbing on the rock, you will get close to the top, but an obstacle awaits you there – a wall covered with thorns, which you cannot cross in any way except by teleporting to the very top of the rock.

After you collect the Permission Card: Tyrone, it’s time to return to North Gemini Island.

It takes a lot of flying and a little jumping until you get down to the North Gemini Island.

After that, let’s go to Sea Horizon Stand. You will have to fly a lot again and climb the high rocks.

When you finally reach the top, you will see the platform you are looking for.

There you have to use the Permission Card: Tyrone to activate the transmission device.

And that’s it!

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