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Tower of Fantasy: Ruin A-03 All Chest Locations

The Ruin A-03 area is a huge area on the map that contains 2 chests located in two separate locations.




There are lots of places and points of interest you can discover in your adventure throughout the Tower of Fantasy. One of these areas is Ruin A-03 which you can find on coordinates -919.9, 612.4, just southwest of the Rusty belt.

In this area, you can find chests that you can open for loots. Let’s have a look at where their exact locations are.

Ruin A-03 All Chest Locations in Tower of Fantasy

As soon as you arrive in the area, interact with the triangle-looking door to investigate. This will play a short cutscene which will then take you inside. Once you’re inside, open the triangle pod right in front of you.

Opening that chest will grant you the Omnium Handcannon relic. Deploy the relic since you’ll be using it to proceed to the other sections of the ruins. Continue forward and the game will prompt you to fire the cannon at the wall.

Do so, and it will create a platform that you can jump on in order to reach the upper side of the wall.

Once you’re at the top, head to the right to find the first Ruins chest. Here, you will receive a Weapon Battery II and a Matrix data pack II. Keep moving forward until you come across a huge gap. Use your handcannon to create a platform you can jump to so you can get to the other side.

Take care of all the enemies in this spot, and to the right, you should be able to find the second chest. However, there are lasers barring entry, and in order to bypass them, you have to fire the handcannon at the ground. This will cause it to make a column that will deactivate the lasers.

Simply head inside and loot the chest. Here, you’ll get the same items that you obtained at the first chest.

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