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Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock the Center of the Map (Defog Guide)

You’re probably wondering how to “defog” the central area of your map in Tower of Fantasy – this will require speaking with Brian.




Some players might wonder why exactly there is a thick plume of fog concealing the entire area of the center of the in-game map as they work through the game’s story.

This covers many landmarks and important parts of that particular region. While it being ‘covered’ does not impact your ability to interact with locations in the unexplored region, it is of course quite frustrating to not be able to see certain critical locations on your in-game map.

Here we talk about an extremely easy way to unlock the center of the map, as a sort of ‘defog guide.’

How to Unlock the Center of the Map in Tower of Fantasy: A Guide on De-Fogging

If you’re wondering how to defog or ‘unlock’ the final center area of the map in Tower of Fantasy – you’ll have to speak with the NPC (robot) Brian in the location depicted below – near the “Spacerift: Northern Mountains.”

You’ll see a marker once you travel to this area of about 250 meters away – this is where you’ll find Brian, as the area does not have an Omnium Tower – typically used to unlock the map surrounding the tower in other area. This won’t work in this case.

All you have to do is head on over to Brian and speak with him by following the corresponding prompts.

If you’re concerned about the radiation damage from the area, all you need to do is upgrade the Suppressor to 4.5.

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