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Tower of Fantasy: How to Switch Channel Lines

The ways how Online Games deal with Overcrowding in-game vary from the genre of the game. With MMORPG games, however, due to the large number of players in-game at one time, they have set up several systems to help traffic the flow of gamers to avoid the game to crash.




 Tower of Fantasy sets up players to log in to the game via servers. From servers, you get to pick one of the 8 channels where you create your characters. Inside the channel, you are all separated by channel lines.

The reason for this is for players to experience the game at the most optimal settings. Even on channel lines, you could only see up to 30 players on the screen. For mobile platforms, it’s only maxed at 20.

This is because if you have thousands of players in, let’s say, a world boss where thousands of you start spamming your skills together, your device would end up overheating or plain out conk out on you even as you set up a simple skill animation.

With many things happening around, the data flow from all the players in the game would simply cause the game to crash.

How to Switch Channel Lines in Tower of Fantasy

Say you’re in-game and your buddies sent you a line to meet up at the space rift in town to just park your character and chat while waiting for an event. You go to the meeting spot and the place is deserted even when your friends say that they’re right there.

Chances are you’re on a different channel line from them. Here’s a quick fix for that.

Ask what channel line they are on. That’s the channel icon located on the top left corner of your HUD.

Once you know what specific line to go to, just tap or click the Channel line icon then a window will pop up giving you the option to switch channels.

Just input the channel line you want to switch to and you’re all set. Just be careful with the channel line input. Once you switch the channel line, it might take a while for you to switch again.

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