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Tower of Fantasy: How to Solve Ruin Stones Puzzle Solution

Do the newly added puzzle to obtain a reward




You can acquire a black and gold nucleus through World Exploration in Tower of Fantasy. Vera is a new region included in the game’s updated edition.

In Vera, we’ll encounter new enemies, bosses, missions, and puzzles. You can get a black or gold nucleus by solving puzzles.

The Ruin Stones puzzle is one of the puzzles you must solve, and we will demonstrate how to do so.

How to Solve Ruin Stones Puzzle Solution in Tower of Fantasy

Credits: Mobile Game

You can find a black and gold nucleus by exploring the world, as was previously described. Additionally, you can get it from the daily bounties.

What if, though, you have already thoroughly explored Aesperia? Fear not; we shall have a new supply of the black and gold nucleus with the release of Vera.

Pulling for the Gacha uses black and gold nucleus. The black nucleus is utilized for weapon materials. It occasionally has a chance of yielding an SSR weapon.

In contrast, the gold nucleus is used to generate the normal simulacrums. The Ruin Stones, one of the recently introduced puzzles, can be found in Vera.

Solving the Ruin Stones Puzzle

There will be stones with marks on them occasionally as you explore Vera. They have a white diamond icon on the mini-map, where you may locate them.

You must observe the benefits from the proper vantage point to reap them.

Credits: Mobile Game

A black nucleus can be obtained if the stones are seen correctly and a suitable image is acquired.

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