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Tower of Fantasy: Void Sting Domino Location

Find this huge scorpion enemy.




Vera, a new desert region, was recently introduced to Tower of Fantasy’s most recent release. The main story mission will also be continued in this update. This substantial update contains a ton of goodies. If you log in daily, you will get a Red nucleus.

In the new area, there are new foes and monsters that you can run into. You can find the Void Sting Domino here, which is one.

Void Sting Domino Location in Tower of Fantasy

Source: ZaFrostPet.

Red-flame lizards, sandworms, the Gooseneck Beast, the Desert Predator, cacti, and other common adversaries can be found in Vera. There are also Grayspace Entities that can travel through space.

Also available are two brand-new World Bosses. Magma is a massive armored reptile that can defend itself with sand. Rudolph is an animal that resembles a moose and has lightning-like abilities. There are also unique or named monsters, such as the Void Sting Domino.

Void Sting Domino Encounter

Source: ZaFrostPet.

Void Sting Domino is located to the east of Mirroria Outpost. If there are scorpions and bug eggs around, you will know you are in the appropriate place.

Source: ZaFrostPet.

It is a bigger, more powerful version of the common scorpion. The List of Targets for the Sandstorm Grounds region of Vera also lists the Void Sting Domino.

Because it is a challenging foe to take down, you might need to enlist the aid of your friends and crew. Be mindful of your health, as it can cause poisonous attacks that will slowly tick away your life.

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