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Tower of Fantasy: Ketos Location Guide

Tower of Fantasy Content is certainly massive. And each type of content rewards you with in-game rewards to make your character stronger.




One example is the Monster hunting missions. The game gives you specific monsters to hunt for a chance of getting extra rewards. and that’s excluding the boss missions.

There are around 83 specific monsters you have to hunt for this mission. Each monster you kill grants specific rewards and is a side mission for the game’s overall content.

Today, we are going to show you one of the bounties for the monster hunting quest. And that’s the location of Ketos in the Banges Region.

 Guide to Ketos Location in Tower of Fantasy

Head over to the small stronghold in the Banges Region. It’s west of the black market (-733.4, 113.5) Near the Banges Omnium Tower.

Head up the platform

From there, you should see a wooden platform. Head on to the left side of it and you should see a way to go on top. From there, you should see some steel containers. Go inside one of them and Keto would be waiting for you inside.

Find Ketos inside the steel container

Defeating Ketos would unlock the Ketos Achievement. the rewards for his bounty are 7 achievement currency and 10 dark crystals.

With Ketos out of the way, you have one less monster to worry about as you complete the 83 monster hunting missions.

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