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Tower of Fantasy: All Astra Scenic Point Locations | Exploration Points

True to their word, Tower of Fantasy offers lots of ways to farm those much-needed Gold Relics and Dark Shards. And the best part is it lets you explore the vast World of Aida as you familiarise yourself with the place around you.




Let’s start our first day off by exploring the area of Astera. At the same time, completing the Scenic Point location objectives for the Exploration Quest.

All Astra Scenic Point Locations in Tower of Fantasy

Astra Shelter

The First Scenic Point is located at the Astra Shelter. Start from the Shelter Space Rift and on the bottom left side, you should spot a blue spherical building.

Use your jetpack to go on top of that building and launch yourself from the top of the sphere and up the cliff where you should see another spherical blue building. From the entrance, you should see a view deck in front of you and interact with the eye icon. For clarity, the map coordinates are (-097.5, 789.8).

Northern Ring Ranges

Next, go back to the space rift and from there, you want to go to the right side of where you are. Exit the mine gate and proceed slowly along the mountain wall to your left until you spot a red manhole. From there climb on top of the cliff. Once on top of that just continue to climb the second hill where you would spot a black mushroom.

From there reach the peak and you should see another black mushroom. On the right side of the mushroom would be the Northern Ring Ranges. Coordinates are (-873.7, 791.5).

Mega Arena

The third Scenic Point location is the Mega Arena. Just go to the training facility located on the Football Field. From the facility, look for a cliff overlooking the field on the left side of the map and interact with the eye icon to capture the scenic point. Coordinates are (-392.8, 723.5).

Ring of Echos

Next, you should go to the Training Facility Agility at the Crimson Pillars. From there, you should see a stone pillar. The interact eye button is located at the top of this pillar. Coordinates are ((-664.2, 900.7).

Tomb of Thorns

The Tomb of Thorn’s scenic point is located at coordinates (-617.6, 1094.6) go to the space rift southern ring ranges. From there, just jump down to the left and go towards the roots near the cliff. Interact with the eye to get the 5th Scenic Point.

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