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Tower of Fantasy: Philly’s Location

Find Philly and inlock an achievement.




Tower of Fantasy has named mobs or monsters stronger and sturdier than the normal mobs. Some of them can even kill your character if you do not pay attention. One of these is Philly and we are going to show you where you can find him.

Philly’s Location in Tower of Fantasy

With the launch of the 1.5 updates, Tower of Fantasy has added Artificial Island and inside it is new features, such as new supply pods and interactable things that can reward players with a Black or Gold Nucleus. You can find Rust Philly in the island.

To unlock Artificial Island, you need to talk to Kolador in Banges Port and make sure that you have reached at least level 50 and have started Chapter 2 of the main storyline.

Locating Philly

Philly is located south of Base Zero. You can find him hovering around the area indicated by the yellow circle in the picture above. Philly is a level 70 monster that rides a helicopter. He deals massive damage and can easily kill your character if you have low defense.

Defeating him can be quite hard, particularly if you do not have a ranged weapon in your possession. Since he flies around, hitting him with aerial attacks may deplete your stamina; so, it is best if you at least have equipped one ranged weapon upon facing Philly.

The Philly achievement automatically unlocks after defeating him the first time.

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