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Tower of Fantasy: Which Items Not to Waste | Loot Guide

Resources you will need in the long run.




A few days away from its global release, Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG that will be set on the planet, Aida. It has a Gacha system where you can pull for weapons and allow you to wreak havoc on your enemies. This guide will show you which resources you should not be wasting when you start your journey in Tower of Fantasy.

Which Items Not to Waste in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy will have you do daily and weekly missions that reward you items in exchange. You will need to do and complete the challenges to progress in your dailies and weeklies.

You can unlock this feature after finishing the quest that King will give you in the arena at the start of your game. There are items in the weeklies that you should learn when to use and not just waste.

In addition, you should always do your dailies first before doing anything. Completing them will grant you EXP, gacha currencies, chests, and many more. At the start of the game, do stories then enter ruins to maximize your time.

Items You Should Use Wisely

The items that will be useful in the late game and a waste to use in the early stages of your journey are as follow:

  • Joint Supply Chips, which you will get in doing weeklies
  • Stat Suppressor
  • Blue, Purple, and Gold Crystals that you will use in the shop
    • Only use the purple crystals for the materials needed in the artifact
    • Use the gold crystals to get SSR gear
    • Use blue crystals for materials in leveling gear
  • If you are a free-to-play player, always plan when to use your Gacha currencies

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