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Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Mithril Babur Location Guide

Find one of the unique enemies in the game.




In Tower of Fantasy, various foes can be found. They may belong to groups like the Ravagers, the Hyenas, or the Heirs of Aida. Monsters like the aberrants and many others exist as well.

Some of them are monsters or enemies in a more powerful form. We’ll show you where to find Mithril Babur, one of them.

Where to Find Mithril Babur Location Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Source: ZaFrostPet.

Version 2.0 of Tower of Fantasy was just updated. Vera, the new area, is now introduced. New monsters and foes are present because of the new area set in the desert. Around Vera, new monsters and their distinct variations can be encountered.

Some monsters can travel through space, dig tunnels in the sand, and do many other things. The Desert Predator has a special variation called the Mithril Babur.

Locating Mithril Babur

Source: ZaFrostPet.

The Desert Predator is one of the newly added monsters in the game. A lizard burrows in the sand, waiting for its prey.

Mithril Babur is one of the named versions of this lizard. It has a white color and is weak to the Ice element. It is bigger and stronger than the typical Desert Predator.

Mithril Babur can be located on an Oasis northeast of Mirroria. You can fast-travel to the spacerift in the Oasis Cliff, then head southwest to reach the area. Upon reaching the area, there are some Desert Predators close to it.

It is difficult to defeat it. However, you can ask for help from other players.

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