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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Colossus Arms SSR Relic | Location Guide

Finding the Colossus arms that will help you punch your way through every obstacle in Tower of Fantasy.




There are only a few games that will allow you to beat the crap out of your enemies by punching them; one of those games is Tower of Fantasy. In this guide we will help you find one of the rarest relics that you can find called the Colossus Arms SSR Relic as early as possible to help you beat up enemies with a smile.

How to get Colossus Arms SSR Relic in Tower of Fantasy

In order to get the Colossus Arms SSR Relic you need to have access to Cetus to make exploration smoother and to easily travel to the locations you need to go. There is also the vending machine that has a chance to grant you an item you need in quests.

Acquiring the Colossus Arms SSR Relic

You can start by going to the 2nd island, which will be unlocked on the 2nd day of your gameplay. But you can do this in advance by dash pumping using your jetpack to reach the island.

You will then need to climb on one of the floating cities that are connected by belts or pipes. Climb the closest city you can find.

You can use the infinite stamina climb trick. To do this trick, you just need to press ctrl + space + w in your keyboard. Without it, you cannot climb the city in the early stages.

Items needed:

  1. Strawberry Ice soda: Can be crafted but you can also get it from the vending machine mentioned above. To craft it you need 2 strawberries, 2 honeys and the remaining amount is water.
  2. 2 Repair Kits: They are obtainable from chest rewards from minigames

Colossus Arms Quest

To start the quest, teleport to the location shown on the map above. Go to the oil rig until you find an NPC and talk to him by spamming only the first option.

Teleport to the food merchant, where you need to interact with a robot. After talking to the robot, go back to the NPC at the oil rig, select all of the bottom options to let him invite you inside the boat.

Inside the boat, climb the stairs and interact with the writing on the wall. Teleport to Cetus and head to the location above to get to the 2nd oil rig.

Talk to the NPC and select the bottom option 3 times until you get inside. Head on over to a bulky NPC with metallic gloves and shoulder plates.

Select the top option until he gives you the component by trading it with the Strawberry soda.

Go back to Cetus. Below it you can see 3 beacons or towers with satellites on the top of them. You need to light up all the 3 beacons.

The first beacon is found on the North. Just get inside and input the code 5972 and interact withit twice to trigger a cutscene ensuring that you did the right thing.

The South tower is a bit hard because there are strong enemies that can kill you in one shot if you are not careful.

In order to light up the South tower you just need to interact with 3 repair hubs and repair it using the repair kits. Wait for them to turn green before interacting with the console to trigger another cutscene.

The last tower is located in the East. The component that the bulky NPC will give you is needed in order to light up this tower.

There will be a cutscene showing a beam coming out in the middle. Go to where the Beam is and proceed to the bottom of the beacons.

Interact with it and you will be teleported to Navia Park. Inside, you will see the Colossus Arm SSR Relic at the center of 4 chests.

Collect the items in the chest, get the Colossus Arms SSR Relic, and start punching your enemies to oblivion!

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