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Tower of Fantasy: Best Gifts for Huma | Gift Guide

Unlock a certain feature by knowing what gifts Huma likes.




In Tower of Fantasy, the characters you pull include weapons. You can even copy their appearance and use it. One of these characters is Huma. You can give them gifts to obtain awakening points. We are going to teach you what kinds of gifts Huma likes to get more points.

Best Gifts for Huma in Tower of Fantasy

Huma is an SSR character with the Tank tag. She has the fire element and wields the Molten Shield V2, a shield that can be transformed into an Axe to deal more damage to enemies.

The following are the effects when you advance Huma:


The ability to get Strong Shield. It grants 10% damage reduction for 15 seconds and can stack to 3 times. Gain a stack when using the following skills:

  • Discharge: Seething Rage
  • Using Dodge skill or Branch

When switching to Axe form, all Strong Shield stacks convert to Sharp Axe stacks, which increases damage by 15% for 15 seconds. Switching to a different weapon cancels this effect.


Increase current weapon’s base HP growth by 16%


The attack deals additional damage equal to the target’s 4% current hp when in shield form and branch or dodge.


Increase current weapon’s base ATK growth by 32%


Switching to Axe form will grant a 30% damage reduction that diminishes by 10% every 3 seconds, down to a minimum of 10%. Switching weapons cancels this effect. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds.


Shield Conversion Enhancement increases damage dealt by 60% and expands the radius of the flame zone by 30%.

Axe Conversion Enhancement does not have the same cooldown as the shield conversion. For 5 seconds, it turns all of the damage received into HP, up to a maximum of 15% of the user’s max HP.

Giving a Simulacra a gift grants awakening points. They will have favorites that can sometimes double the amount of points you can get if you give it to them.

Giving Gifts to Huma

There are three types of gifts: Purple, Blue, and Green. They can be obtained by buying a gift box in the Shop found in the Commissary icon.

The following are the best gifts for Huma, under the different gift types:

  • Purple Gifts (+80 Awakening Points)
    • Angela Ornament
  • Blue Gifts (+30 Awakening Points)
    • Chess Set
    • Taylor-Made Suit
    • Vitamin Pack
    • Coloring Book
    • Perfume Bottle
    • Tartarus Ornament
    • New Kalka Ornament
  • Green Gifts (+15 Awakening Points)
    • Flower Bouquet
    • Nice Picture Frame
    • Wool Scarf
    • Custom Poker Deck
    • Potted Plant

Reaching a certain point will give an Awakening Trait. Huma will have the following traits:

  • Fortitude
  • Iron Screen

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