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Tower of Fantasy: How to Enter Base Building Mode

Tower of Fantasy 1.5 brings one of the anticipated content, Creating your Very Own Base.




If you are reading through this, chances are, you have reached level 60 in the game or have unlocked 840 exploration points in Artificial Island.

Doing either of the two things mentioned above lets you build and customize your very own home via the base building mode.

In this guide, we will help you access the build feature for you to create your very own base in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Enter Base Building Mode in Tower of Fantasy

Hit your Escape Key. This will take you to the options menu. Here, you will be able to see a new tab option called Build.

Building Menu

This will take you to the Building  page with a list of infrastructure that you can build at your base. These are the Development Center, Machine Pod, Pumpkin House, Pawpaw House, Kitty House and the Turtle House.

There is also a button for you to access the exchange store and the fuse option. Directly below it will be the list of resources you have for your base.

Building Mode

Selecting the Go button will take you to the Artificial Island Building Mode. This will take you to Base Zero where there will be a number of Buildings that you can construct.

Head over to Kolador to learn the building mechanics for your new base.

Build the Development Center

To get you started, head over to the Development Centre and select Upgrade. This will take you to the build menu where you will have to construct the building for it to be functional in your base. With that done, all you need to do is collect materials through your explorations to unlock more buildings and functions.

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