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Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Laver

Where could it be? Here’s how to locate Laver in Banges – a resource you’ll need for side missions, and where it can be farmed.




After you speak to Patty, and hear her proclaim her love of “gourmet” food – you’ll be introduced to ‘Laver’ a purple-looking seaweed that can be found along the Banges coast. This is in Aesperia.

This is of note, because Laver isn’t especially common as a resource and is only found in very specific regions of the game.

Those hunting high and low only to find conch shells, sea urchins, and other beach-dwellers look no further than this explanatory guide and walkthrough.

Where to Locate Laver in Tower of Fantasy

Rather than venturing along the coastline, head North, up past the Banges Dock – where you’ll travel past Ruins B-02 up until you reach the other beach near the Signal Station Ruins Spacecraft. Once you’ve approached the Northern side of the coastline, stick to where the sand meets the water and keep an eye out for sparkling, seaweed looking algae items along the ground. It’s pretty easily recognizable.

This is the ‘Laver’ you’re looking for.

It thankfully respawns pretty quickly in this region, so you should be able to harvest enough to complete the side mission for Foodie Girl I quite easily. Laver can also, of course, be used for your own recipes if you’re craving a salty snack.

The following dishes: “Seaweed and Egg Soup” and “Caviar Sushi,” both call for 2x Laver.

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