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Tower of Fantasy: All Old Vera Coin Gachapon Locations

Get the latest Jerboa Mount by Pulling for parts in Old Vera Coin Gachapon Machines.




The latest update in Tower of Fantasy lets players explore the Cyberpunk-themed city of Vera. There is a lot of content to do in the new area which will take some time for players to complete as they explore the new desert area and city.

This update also introduces a new mount to collect. Unfortunately, the parts you have to assemble for these are locked behind pulls so you will have to actively seek out Mira and Old Vera Coins which can be spent for pulls on Gachapon machines in the city.

In this guide, we will be showing you the Gachapon Locations and what to pull for in the Cyberpunk City of Vera in Tower of Fantasy.

All Old Vera Coin Gachapon Locations in Tower of Fantasy

After spending some time searching for coins in the new desert map of Vera, head over to the City for you to spend these new currencies for pulls via the Gachapon vending machines.

There are two locations for these vending machines and each machine has a chance for you to get the two specific Jerboa parts to combine into the new mount.

First Gachapon machine Location (Jerboa Chassis)

The first Old Vera Gachapon Machine is located around Mirafleur Hall. From the reception area, ride the cruiser at the end of the reception area towards Mirafleur Hall.

The vending machine will be located on the map image shown above (left).

Use Old Vera Coins to pull for the Jerboa chassis vehicle component.

Second Gachapon Machine Location

The second Gachapon machine is located by the elevator entrance of the Hazardous Material Lab. Here, you can pull for the Jerboa power core vehicle component.

Mira Coin Gachapon machines

Beside each Old Vera Coin Gachapon Machines will be another machine to spend for your Mira Coins. Spend your Mira coins here for chance pulls for Relic shards, upgrade items, and timed weapon simulacras.

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