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Tower of Fantasy: All 4 Navia Scenic Points Locations

The Navia region has a number of scenic points that you can visit and activate in order to gain some Exploration points.




World Exploration is one of the key aspects of Tower of Fantasy. This is apparent by its massive open world with a lot of regions you can explore. Apart from that, each region has a variety of scenic points that you can visit, and you can even get rewards by simply investigating them.

That said, one of the regions in the game is Navia. And if you want to fully explore this region, then you need to visit all of its scenic points. Let’s find out where they are on the map.

All 4 Navia Scenic Points Locations in Tower of Fantasy

You can find a total of 4 scenic points all throughout the Navia region which are as follows:

Cetus Island

This scenic point is quite easy to get to. You just have to make your way to the South Seventh Day Forest waypoint then go all the way north until you come across a waterfall. Climb up the waterfall until you reach the top.

Alternatively, you can start from the Navio Omnium Tower then make your way south and climb up the waterfall.

Raincaller Island

You can get to this scenic point by starting from the North Seventh Day Forest waypoint and then going west as you climb up walls. It is on one of the highest cliffsides in the area.


To get to the Selga scenic point, you want to head over to the North Seventh Day Forest waypoint. From there, look to the left to find the scenic point right on the edge of the cliff.

Seventh Day Forest

Lastly, we have the Seventh Day Forest scenic point which you can find to the north of the South Seventh Day Forest waypoint. Specifically, the scenic point is on top of a tower which also contains a chest. To get there, you have to use a jetpack and fly your way to the top.

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