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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Radiation Protection | Suppressor Guide

Although Tower of Fantasy is an open world, not everything can be accessed when starting out. When your screen flashes red and tells you you are taking radiation damage, that means the place is not safe for you to explore.




Tower of Fantasy lets you explore the world at your own pace. As you explore and unlock the different areas in the game, you might find places where your health drops steadily due to radiation on that area.

That’s one of the ways tower of fantasy lets you know that the area you are exploring isn’t suitable for your level. The deeper you go into the story, the more difficult the game gets.

Today, we are going to guide you on how to shrug off radiation damage through the use of Suppressors.

Suppressor Guide – How to get protection from Radiation in Tower of Fantasy

A Suppressor is an item you have that gives you protection against radiation. As you level them up, you also unlock bonus stats to your resistance, attack, and hit points.

Leveling these Suppressors requires two things. To be of a certain level to unlock it and to have potent omnium crystals.

Getting to the level cap is fairly straightforward. As you progress through the story and do game content, it grants you experience points on your base level. Also for the potent omnium crystals, however, you have to farm those.

Where to farm Potent Omnium Crystals

Farming these items is fairly easy. You get them from time to time at the terminal and wanderers log. You also get them on completing ruins, some exploration rewards, and the level 1 crew store. But the best farming spot would be when doing the Bygone Phantasm which resets every week.

Whenever you reach an area where you receive radiation damage, just back away for a moment before progressing. Areas have suppressor level requirements that you must meet before advancing the game.

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