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Tower of Fantasy: Permission Card Morris

Permission Card: Morris is an item that you need in order to activate the Transmission Device. You can obtain this card in an area around the Sea Horizon Stand.




There are a bunch of new stuff that were added to the 1.5 update of Tower of Fantasy, particularly the Artificial Island. One of them is the permission cards that you can find in various locations throughout the region.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can obtain Permission Card: Morris.

Permission Card Morris in Tower of Fantasy

In order to get Permission Card: Morris, you have to head over to the Sea Horizon Stand. This is a location that you can find northeast of the map and is basically an islet that’s directly north of North Gemini Island.

As soon as you arrive at the island, you want to climb to the top. There, you’ll come face to face against several enemies. You need to defeat all of them and clear the area before you can claim the card. After dealing with all of the nearby enemies, go to the round platform you can see on the ground.

Simply interact with the platform in order to obtain the permission card.

Where to Use Permission Card: Morris

Once you have the Permission Card: Morris, you can then use it on the transmission device to teleport to Listen to Earwyn. You can find this island northeast of the Island of Pins which is also in the northern part of the region. To get there, you have to teleport to the Estuary spacerift.

From there, you want to use your Jetboard and go north until you arrive at the Island of Pins. Go up the island and look for the transmission device. Then, activate the device using the permission card. Shortly after, it should then teleport you to Listen to Earwyn.

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