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Tower of Fantasy: Where to find all Telescopes | Telescope Guide

The Tower of Fantasy offers a vast world that is fleshed out visually. It even manages to capture the rich environment as you transition from PC to your Phone.




The world of Tower of Fantasy is massive, so why not do the Smart Telescope Exploration with us as you climb cliffs and mountains and do a bit of stargazing as we trek about the detailed world of Aeaperia.

Telescope Guide for Tower of Fantasy

Let’s start with Navia where we can check out the Bootes Constellation . Take the Spacerift on Raincaller Island. From there head north to these coordinates (-718.0,-962.4)

Connect the dots to complete the constellation. It should look like the image above.

NAVIA-Draco Constellation

The DRACO CONSTELLATION is up next. Head on to the Southern part of Raincaller Island in these coordinates (-736.0,-571.6)

Again, connect the dots to complete the constellation. If you’re having a hard time with these, the completed puzzle is in the image above.

Navia- Lepus Constellation

The coordinates here are (-280. 5,- 523.8) the puzzle solution is the image above.

Crown Mines-Pegasus Constellation

The Smart Telescope for the Pegasus Constellation can be found in the Crown Mines Region. The coordinates are (796.0, 508.1). Just connect the dots on the constellation to unlock the rewards.

Crown Mines-Virgo Constellation

The next area is on the island to your lower right of the map in the Crown Mines. The telescope is located at these coordinates. (990.3, 947.6) do the constellation pizzle and that’s your fifth constellation in the bag.

Crown Mines- Aquarius Constellation

The 6th Constellation is right above the rose garden located at the crown mines, to get there just follow these coordinates (531.3, 670.0).

Crown Mines- Taurus Constellation

The Taurus Constellation telescope can be found at the top of the Fort on the right side of Gold rush Mountain. The coordinates for these are (500.8, 472.7).

Warren- Leo Constellation

The next telescope is for the Leo Constellation which could be accessed in Warren at these coordinates (979.0, – 1016. 4).

Warren- Capricorn Constellation

The telescope for the Capricorn constellation is at Warren. Just go to these coordinates (756.0, – 862.1).

Warren- Pisces Constellation

The Pisces Constellation is the 10th telescope spot, the coordinates are (605.5, – 474.3).

Warren – Libra Constellation

Finally, we have the 11th and last smart telescope location. Its located at the Warren snow fields at these coordinates (710.3, 161.8).

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