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Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock Vera Plane

Vera Plane is the newest region in the latest Tower of Fantasy update that you can unlock by completing the Vera questline.




Each major update in Tower of Fantasy brings a handful of new stuff that players can discover. This can be in the form of a new region, with the newest addition being the Vera Plane.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to unlock Vera Plane as quickly as possible.

How to Unlock Vera Plane in Tower of Fantasy

Credits: Game Guides Channel

If you open your map and click on Vera Plane, you will receive a notification saying you need to complete the main story to unlock it.

This main story is called Vera Orienteering which is essentially a new questline.

All you have to do is accept the Vera questline that will take you to the new area called Vera Sector. After talking to Claire and Elric in Hykros, teleport to Vera Sector via the portal in front of the two NPCs.

Once you arrive at Vera Sector, you can then see the map of Vera Plane.

Credits: Game Guides Channel

However, you can only see the outline, as you still need to explore the map in order to reveal points of interest and waypoints.

You can start by clicking on the Grayspace Fissures in the map which have these emerald-looking icons.

This will allow you to teleport to a specific area. Completing this will help with the progress of revealing the full map of Vera Plane.

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