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Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Carbonated Water Location Guide




Here’s where to locate Carbonated Water in Tower of Fantasy – you’ll need to find a specific food vendor.

Where to Find Carbonated Water in Tower of Fantasy – A Location Guide

Take a detailed look at the images of the map below, which pinpoint the approximate coordinates you’ll need to locate carbonated water from the food vendor in Tower of Fantasy – (-797.2, 779.6).

You’ll want to make note of this food vendor, Mrs. Taylor, as she’s going to have the essential ingredients you need for cooking in order to survive and maintain satiety in Tower of Fantasy.

You’ll be able to locate Mrs. Taylor in Astra – you’ll notice her hunched-over posture and dark purple hat, while she appears to be holding what most certainly resembles a pug.

On the map, you’ll see her location marked by a ‘cooker’ or what looks like a grill icon. This is what you’ll need to actually place them in – once you ‘learn’ a recipe using the cooker, it remains in your list of recipes so you can access it later on.  

Carbonated water can be used as an essential ingredient in several recipes, and helps to regenerate 80 Endurance when used alone. Endurance drains as players perform sprinting or climbing and they’ll need to take a short break once stamina is fully depleted.

Carbonated water only costs 40 gold, so stock up on it for longer runs or exploration.

Carbonated Water Recipes in Tower of Fantasy

If you’re looking to use carbonated water in other recipes, “Iced Strawberry Soda” calls for 1x Carbonated Water, 1x Honey, and 2x Strawberries and gives 10 Satiety, 10% Flame Resistance, 170 Flame Resistance for 900 seconds.

Other recipes that call for carbonated water include: ‘Honeyed Fruit Juice,’ Iced Orchid Surprise,’ ‘Thundercloud Blueberry Soda,’ and ‘Sweet Pomegranate Juice.’

See the details for those recipes below.

Sweet Pomegranate Juice (600 Stamina, 16% + 34,000 HP):

  • 2x Phosphogranate
  • 2x Honey
  • 2x Carbonated Water

Thundercloud Blueberry Soda (10 Satiety, 10% Volt Resistance, 170 Volet Resistance for 90 Seconds)

  • 1x Small Blueberry Jar
  • 1x Carbonated Water
  • 2x Honey

Honeyed Fruit Juice (300 Stamina, 12% + 3,300 HP)

  • 2x Fallen Fruit
  • 1x Honey
  • 1x Carbonated Water

Iced Orchid Surprise (300 Stamina, 12% + 3,300 HP)

  • 2x Ghost Mushroom
  • 1x Milk
  • 1x Carbonated Water

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