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Tower of Fantasy: How to Open Base Zero Locked Vehicle Nucleus

True to their word, the latest Area in Tower of Fantasy gives you new ways to farm Red Nucleus.




Gold Nucleus lets you pull from the standard weapon banner. Here, you can have a chance to get SSR Weapons to add to your team.

Red Nucleus also lets you pull for weapons but it is for the Limited Banner where there is a higher chance for you to get a featured Simulacra during the duration of the banner.

There are mixed feelings among players on what is the best banner to pull from. Both the gold and red nucleus can be purchased at 150 dark crystals at the commissary and farming for these especially for free-to-play players will be challenging since you have limited options for getting dark crystals and red nucleus drops are a lot scarcer than the gold nucleus ones.

In the Latest Tower of Fantasy Content, there are a number of ways to get these rare red nucleus and in this guide, we will show you how to get one of these that is locked inside the truck in Base Zero at Tower of Fantasy.

How to Open Base Zero Locked Vehicle Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

To get inside the Truck, you will need to travel through the triangle warp Portals that were introduced on the latest patch instalment in Artificial Island. With that in mind, be prepared for a long journey as we start with the Red Nucleus Location.

Search for the Travel Spot at the Rusty Iron Camp

Teleport to the Spacerift of the Rusty Iron Camp. From here, you will have to hike south towards the base of Mount Sandy and search for a breakable rock. You won’t be needing your rocket barrage for these since you can destroy them with basic attacks.

Break rock to unlock the Red Triangle Warp portal

Head inside the warp portal to transport you to one of the tall platforms on the Island. The next thing to do is to glide and navigate yourself under the platform where there will be a floating red triangle warp portal underneath it.

Navigate carefully and position yourself towards the portal. Touching it will let you teleport inside the Truck on the south side of Base Zero.

Get the Red Nucleus hanging in the air and go towards the blue triangle warp portal to get you outside and continue with your exploration.

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