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Tower of Fantasy: Aida Café Event Walkthrough

Tower of Fantasy sends another cooking-themed mini-game in the latest update.




Tower of Fantasy sports lots of mini-game-themed events, from racing, timed battles, football, surfing and gliding, the types of tasks you can do are many.

One example of a cool mini-game is Mia’s Kitchen where you are given 3 chances to test out Mia’s cooking. She will make different types of dishes for you to try out that grants you type bonus damage or damage reduction buffs for a limited time.

These are also part of your daily objectives and one of the easiest ones to do since all you have to do is go to her kitchen and try out her cooking.

With the latest instalment of Tower of Fantasy, they have introduced a brand new event that is similar to Mia’s kitchen but lets you take charge of preparing the dishes yourself in Aida’s Café.

Today, we will walk you through the Aida Café Event where you can earn a Red Nucleus and other rewards during the duration of the 15-day event in Tower of Fantasy.

Walkthrough for Aida Café Event in Tower of Fantasy

You start the event by going to the rewards page and selecting Aida Café from the reward tab at the bottom of your screen. here, you will have to set up a full course meal for Simulacra Customers who will reward you with revenue that unlocks rewards when hitting their milestones.

Game Mechanics

The mini-game is set up in first-person view. Here Simulacra will appear in front of you at the counter and will be hinting at what they want to eat in the café.

The bottom left corner shows the reward milestone as well as the revenue you have while doing the café mini-game.

In the middle will be 5 slots for the type of food you will prepare for the customer. These are the Main Course, Side dish, Soup, Dessert and Drink.

Selecting the slots will let you access the available food that you can prepare for your customer. When you select and fill up all the slots, you will be able to give them to them by pressing the gift button on the bottom right of the screen.

Depending on the items you prepared, you will receive revenue points that will unlock prizes starting when you reach the first milestone of 50 revenue.

Finding the optimal combination of food

To be more efficient in farming these revenues, you will have to listen to what the customer/Simulacra has to say. Some of them will be very specific in asking what ingredient they want for their dish while others will be subtle about it.

Listening and understanding what they want and preparing your dishes with their preferences in mind will let you get additional revenue when completing their orders.

Since this is a limited-time event, the Aida Café feature will only be available for a few more days so it’s best to mark these as part of your daily objectives each day.

You can accommodate around 3 customers per day to farm for those revenue points so you have to do it as soon as you can if you haven’t done so yet.

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