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Tower of Fantasy: Raincaller Island Tower Password

Open the Raincaller Island Tower by using this code.




The world in Tower of Fantasy has so many hidden secrets that are challenging to find. One of these is the Raincaller Island Tower. Now, you might be wondering what is the purpose of this tower.  Don’t worry; we got you!

Raincaller Island Tower Password in Tower of Fantasy

In the Region of Navia just below Raincaller Island, 3 towers have satellites on top of them; they are the North, South, and East towers. To interact with the towers, you must first complete various tasks.

The north tower needs a code. To unlock the south tower, you need to repair the hubs. Lastly, the east tower needs an item from an NPC before you can access it.

Interacting with the Rain Caller Island Tower

These towers are needed to reach Navia Park. Interacting with all of the 3 towers will open up the place. The SSR relic Colossus Arm is found in the park along with 4 chests containing a vehicle component of the Voyager mount.

The passcode of the north tower is 5972. After inputting the passcode, interact with the screen to trigger cut scene.

For the south tower, you are going to need 3 repair kits to repair all of its hubs. Interact with it to trigger another cut scene.

In the east tower, you will need a component from one of the oil rigs.

After unlocking all towers, a beam of light will appear in the middle. Enter this portal to find yourself in Navia Park.

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