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Tower of Fantasy: How to Increase Max Endurance

As a gacha game, Tower of Fantasy has a stamina system in place in the form of the Endurance bar. Luckily, there are ways that you can use to increase your max Endurance.




As you perform various actions throughout your adventures in Tower of Fantasy, you will end up depleting your endurance. Once it reaches zero, it will be a bit of a hassle to explore the world since you won’t be able to perform actions like climbing up walls, sprinting, and more.

While the endurance does regenerate, it does so at a very slow rate. Luckily, you can instead increase your max endurance, and this guide will show you how.

How to Increase Max Endurance in Tower of Fantasy

As of now, the only means of increasing your max endurance in Tower of Fantasy is by consuming Mighty Mushrooms. There are two ways you can obtain this item in the game.

The first is to head over to your Achievements tab which you can find in the Mission Terminal. Here, you can find various achievements that will reward you with Mighty Mushrooms upon unlocking. You can consider this as your main method of getting Mighty Mushrooms.

The second method is via Exploration. Head over to your Adventure menu and click on the Recommended tab. Once there, click on World Exploration then press the Go button.

On this page, you’ll see your current Exploration progress as well as the rewards you can get after reaching a certain milestone.

You will find a Mighty Mushroom which is a reward you can obtain after reaching 965 Exploration points. To earn Exploration points, you just have to explore the world and reach new areas.

You can also head over to the shining white diamonds you see on the map. These are points of interest that will give you exploration points.

After you obtain Mighty Mushrooms, you just have to consume them to permanently increase your max endurance.

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