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Tower of Fantasy: Easy Ruin D-01 All Chests Locations

Complete your ruin run by locating all the chests in Ruin D-01.




A week has passed since the launch of the global servers for Tower of Fantasy, and some players are already reaching the last region of the map, the Warren Region. Others are done with all of the explorations across regions and completed the Ruins found in them.

The Ruin D-01 is located in the Crown Mines region, and we are going to show you where its chests are located to get a 100% completion.

Easy Ruin D-01 All Chests Locations in Tower of Fantasy

Ruins in Tower of Fantasy are one-time completion dungeons. Meaning, that they will only give out the rewards the first time you clear them. There are 3 difficulties in a Ruin: Easy, Normal, and Hard. They also reward you with Relic shards and Gear after clearing them.

All Chests Locations in Ruin D-01

The Omnium Handcannon Relic is required in this Ruin. When you are inside the Ruin, climb up the wall, and defeat the 2 enemies. Climb the next wall; you will find yourself in a wide area. There is a Big Mushroom on the left side, and stairs going upwards on the right.

On the left side of the Big Mushroom, there is a small room that contains the first chest. Use the Omnium Handcannon Relic to summon a tall platform. Climb on to it to reach the chest.

The second chest is located in the next area. Go up the stairs to proceed to access it. The chest will be on top of a platform that is part of a puzzle required to reach the boss.

Again, use the Omnium Handcannon Relic on the chest. Once you have opened the two chests, you can now challenge the boss and clear the Ruin with a 100% completion.

There is an NPC at the start of the Ruin. She will give a mission that gives a huge amount of EXP and some gold. You can only do her mission inside the Ruin, so it is advisable to do the mission while clearing the Ruin.

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